Enemy Engagement
East Germany 30 years ago, a student asks too many questions, is expelled and ordered to do manual work in a factory. Looking for an intellectual outlet the young man becomes a member of the Protestant Student’s Group (PSG) and airs his opinions. Meanwhile another young man, believing in a socialist society, joins the group to try to educate critical members in the error of their ways. The Stasi recruit this young man as a voluntary operative, codename “Hans Kramer“. When he reports about this one very critical young man, the Stasi order him to befriend this “enemy“ - with life shattering consequences.
The secret Stasi files of this incident and the emotional meeting of both men today unravel a multilayered story of friendship and betrayal, guilt and forgiveness. An era comes alive, a time when the Stasi could wrap their tentacles around every aspect of society and manipulate emotions and feelings to maintain control over the GDR.
A gripping documentary thriller.