Enemy Engagement
When I heard about Hartmut Rosinger, a former voluntary Stasi spy facing up to his past and even wanting to meet a victim, I immediately thought I have to accompany this process with a camera.
To confront his own past and his guilt Hartmut Rosinger did not only want to meet Peter Wulkau, he also wanted to read his own reports, the reports which helped imprison Peter Wulkau. Today former Stasi spies cannot normally access their own reports.
In preparation for the film I myself looked to the Stasi archives for the files on Peter Wulkau und Hartmut Rosinger. I found myself in front of 16.525 page mountain. Reading the files gave me an unexpected and hidden insight into the mechanisms of a dicatorship and I knew I had to convey this in the final film. I hope that my film portrays not just a very personal reunion but also the psychological mechanism of how a dictatorship functioned.
Heike Bachelier